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Worshipping you

After the storm and the night, I saw the beautiful brightness within you. Brighter than those twinkling stars and my endless hope. I realised that all those chants my mother used to vocalize, had connotation and hope. When I looked after you I saw a purpose and a hunger to be a good human, I never realized I was. Sensing all the nervousness I carried in my vocal cord and my trembling too.

My eyes started to gaze those honey-filled eyes with some honesty, As I wasn’t sure about looking at them. As I wasn’t convinced that you being a whole entity of integrity will accept my all sinful deeds and would love me afterwards.

Love when done with a mysterious one, makes them godhead in your eyes.

All my organs were responding to you, just not my mouth. As when I saw you I felt unprecedented. All those musings made significance but I never understood why am I so into these quirks in life. There was something so godly that I forgot that you too are a human with a spirit.

Then I made you my God, and I know I was living in a falsehood world. Where no other God exists, just the one I gave the rights to be.

To dominate, worship and forgery.

No one should be feted as a God, but with parity.

Behave crazy together, no hindrance will come your way. Not being another but being an-other half of your beloved will take all your agony away.

-Riya Shah